Michael C. Lawlor

MCLawlor, Michael Christopher Lawlor, Michael Lawlor, MLawlor, Michael CF Lawlor, MCFLawlor

  Magic Lantern Showman
Galantee So
In Victorian times itinerant Magic Lanternists would yell Galantee So to advertise thay they could entertain you, or your children, with a Magic Lantern show.

Michael Lawlor presents Magic Lantern Shows.

His Canadian Magic Lantern Slide Archive is a resource of Canadian heritage images.

He makes archival quality, high resolution digital prints from Magic Lantern slides (and other sources).

Yes, they are for sale.

Michael C. Lawlor: Resumé
About Prints from CPR Magic Lantern slides: 1885-1930
Michael Lawlor 1948 - 2011 Michael Lawlor Memorial

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